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Hello everyone and welcome to Brainfog Begone. Brainfog Begone is a website about…well, getting rid of brain fog. Have you ever felt like you lost your ability to speak coherently whenever you are anxious? Perhaps around someone, you hope to make your significant other eventually? Maybe its anxiety for giving a speech in front of a crowd. Have you ever read a book, and end up getting lost throughout your read that you end up reading the same sentence about two times because you just somehow forgot where you were and what you were reading? These and many more things are examples of brain fog. Brain fog is when you have to say um… after every word when speaking to someone.

At Brainfog Begone, our intention is to provide you with various product reviews, as well as exercises and diet options that will improve your cognitive abilities. We will be reviewing various products within Nootropics, Kratom, meditation practices, and equipment, essentially, we will be doing our best to help you understand what will work and what won’t. We understand that everyone is different, so please be willing to ask questions. I am not a doctor or a physician, but I am very understanding, and I know how to do my research, and I am willing to help you do your research as well!

The Nootropics industry will be our first main focus in helping us improve our cognitive abilities. The Nootropics industry is truly incredible, it can give us incredible focus, and are a must-have for anyone looking to improve results of study for college, or if you are looking to have an edge in the competition for those looking to be entrepreneurs.  It will also help you get that raise for those of you in the workforce.

10 thoughts on “About Brainfog Begone

  1. Hi there,

    Interesting topic you got there. As an university student myself I’m quite interested to learn new ways to improve my cognitive abilities. I tried Ritalin before and it really worked for me. I had never heard of nootropics before but it definitely got my attention. Is Ritalin a nootropics? Looking forward to see and learn more about it. All the best

  2. As someone who suffers from PTSD, and the brainfog associated with it, I’ve tried all kinds of methods of working around my disability. I’ve never heard of Nootropics until today. I am interested if it would be helpful for someone who suffers from PTSD memory loss. I’m very interested to read more

  3. Pretty interesting niche concept!! Actually I think there are many people suffering from brainfog. Maybe they don’t call it brainfog or they just don’t know the proper medical name for the situation, but many of us are having some hard time when it comes to speaking in front of people.

    I myself have some hard time speaking with people in public. Your site has a great idea behind it and I hope you reach out to more people.

  4. As a user of nootropics myself I find the idea of your site interesting. I suffer from brain fog on occasion and found that changing my diet and adopting a strength training routine helped immensely. I also am a daily user of piracetam, what are your thoughts on this substance?

    1. I recently just started using Piracetam, but have yet to really notice any difference at all. I just ordered choline, and am going to take some attack doses of piraceatam and see if I notice any differences. I am hoping to see some differences soon, I have had a downgrade in my motivation lately, and I am definitely attempting to change that. My hat is off to you for changing your diet and incorporating strength training into your life.

  5. Hi,

    A great and interesting topic right there, I look forward to learning more with you here, I am one of the individuals affected by this problem, I can clearly remember forgetting everything I was going to say in front of my principal and an entire classroom that is not a moment I want to relive.

    1. Sorry to hear that Dave. I myself go back in forth in my head all of the time over embarrassing moments in my life, such as really bad attempts to charm a girl from years ago. I am glad that you will be along for the ride.

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